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Trusting God with Your Homeschool

In today’s podcast, Paola sits down with founder of Heart Ridge Retreat Center, a place for families to find beauty that will draw them closer to God. They will discuss trusting God with your homeschool and the importance of nature in your life.

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To Serve and Protect

Anyone who loves a dog or who has a family member serving our country will love this sweet tale.

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Truly Miraculous!

Delight in this illustrated treasury of stories taken from Catholic history. Learn about John Bosco’s angelic guardian dog, the mysterious movement of Mary’s Holy House of Nazareth, the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima and more.

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Register for 2022 Catholic Homeschool Conference

This virtual conference will be held June 9, 10, and 11th and will feature the opportunity to connect with other homeschoolers as well as to hear great talks on important homeschooling topics.

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The Importance of Beauty and Story in Catechesis

Bringing our children up to know and love the Lord is a sacred duty we take very seriously, but we may not always have a sense of the best way to bring the Faith to life, in our homeschool lessons. Today, it’s my joy to welcome homeschooling mom, Olivia Spears, to talk about The Importance of Beauty and Story in Catechesis.

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How to Incorporate Charlotte Mason Notebooks in Your Homeschool

In The Living Page: Keeping Notebooks with Charlotte Mason, Laurie Bestvater explores the various types of notebooks Charlotte Mason used and how we might incorporate them into our homeschools.

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“Philo and Sophie” Teaches Pro-life Message

Philo and Sophie: Philosophy for Children is a dynamic new video series that gives parents and teachers a powerful tool to form young people in authentic love and respect for the preborn, elderly, disabled, and terminally ill.

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Beckoning by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

McAdam creates modern-day characters who are mystically transported back to when Christ was crucified.

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The Importance of Learning How Things Work

Homeschoolers love making the connection between the theoretical and the practical. Our wonderful guest today, Inshal Chenet, is going to open up a fascinating topic: The Importance of Learning How Things Work.

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Miraculous Icon of Ukraine

Learn about the miraculous icon in the village of Zarvanytsia in the Ukraine and download free coloring pages.

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