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Book Review – Crossbows and Crucifixes

This historical fiction for teens focuses on the persecution of Catholics in England during the late 1500s.

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Children’s Books About the Eucharist writers share their favorite books about the Eucharist for children.

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Help Your Children Love the Eucharist

The lives of the saints can help demonstrate the truth of the Eucharist and help foster devotion in both children and adults.

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Tan Courses Buy One Get One Free

The cultivation of wisdom and knowledge has been an integral part of the Church since its beginnings. The great saints and doctors of the Church have long propagated faith and reason as both playing a vital role in the Catholic Tradition. Delve into Scripture, moral theology, Church teachings, history, and more with this vast selection of faith-filled courses. 

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Incorporating Jane Austen in Your Homeschool

Jane Austen is a perennial favorite of homeschool students and their parents because of great stories, wit—and wisdom! Today’s lovely guest is author Haley Stewart, to share a wonderful resource she has created: Jane Austen’s Genius Guide to Life!

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Book Review – Pictures of Me

Pictures of Me is another amazing middle-grade book by Marilee Haynes. This author really has a knack for writing about those tumultuous middle-school years.

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Little Spark of Life – A Pro-Life Picture Book

Little Spark of Life by Courtney Siebring, published by Paraclete Press, is a pro-life picture book that features a mom and dad explaining about the developing baby in the mommy’s tummy to an older brother.

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Celebrate God’s Gift of the Seasons

A charming new picture book written by Glenys Nellist and published by Paraclete Press helps young children celebrate the beauty of God’s gift of creation.

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Free Homeschool Forms

Are you wondering how to create a homeschool report card or transcript? Perhaps you need help with creating a homeschool plan, keeping a reading journal,…

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The Open Door Podcast on Catholic Homeschooling

I was thrilled to be a guest yesterday on The Open Door Podcast discussing the Catholic homeschooling movement. Get Free Homeschooling Information and Inspiration in…

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