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The Value of Play-Based Learning

As homeschoolers, we get to cultivate our kids–these unique and unrepeatable souls–through an incredible variety of tools and techniques. Today’s guest is homeschool mom and entrepreneur, Chantal Baros, here to share some insights on Play-Based Learning!

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Every Catholic’s Guide to College 2023

The colleges included in this guide offer excellent options for every type of student coupled with the presence of a strong Catholic community on campus.

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Praying to the Holy Angels

Do you want to introduce your young children to the Angel of God and St. Michael the Archangel prayers? Kerri Davison of Holy Heroes has created a lovely book to do just that.

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Homeschooling 101 You Can Do This!

Homeschooling Saints offers two videos/podcasts on beginning homeschooling. #homeschooling

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Books on California Mission History

These newest books about Mission history are by Christian Clifford, a Catholic award-winning author & educator.

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Our Holy Faith Curriculum by Tan Books

The Our Holy Faith series by Tan Books is a modernized reprint of an older series of religion books that has been an orthodox resource for families who wish to share the Catholic faith with their children. Each book has a corresponding review video that can also be utilized. The series is designed for grades K-8.

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The Story of Civilization History of United States

For those seeking a Catholic-friendly look at history, the Story of Civilization makes for a great foundational program.

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Tan Foundations of Science Curriculum

A review of “Oceans: Mysteries of the Deep” in the Foundations of Science series by Tan Books.

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Rescued: True Stories for Catholic Kids

In Rescued: True Stories for Catholic Kids, Swegart shares stories of supernatural encounters with angels or heroic people who put themselves at great risk to save the lives of others. While these stories are aimed at kids in the 8-12 year-old range, adults can appreciate them as well. #bookreview #middlegrade

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Look and Learn Words for Catholic Kids

Look and Learn: Words for Catholic Kids is a book that can help everyone in a family learn about the names of Catholic people, objects, and ideas, while also fostering conversation about the faith.

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