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New Teen Fiction: Charting the Course

Charting the Course is the newest teen adventure by Leslea Wahl. Hang on tight as the twists and turns of this high-seas adventure leave you…

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Discover the Life and Lessons of St. Zelie Martin

St. Zélie is a spiritual friend whom today’s women can turn to in their times of need. Discover this holy woman and the important lessons she can teach us. 

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Franciscan University High School Advantage

High school students who are at least 16 years of age and either juniors or seniors may enroll in these college-level courses for the fall semester.

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New Latin Mass Missal for Children

If your family attends Latin Mass (or are interested in learning more about the Traditional Latin Mass), you will want to check out the new Latin Mass Missal for children from Tan Books.

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Free Reading and Spelling Resources

All About Learning Press (the makers of All About Spelling and All About Reading) has a wonderful collection of free resources on their site.

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Pearl and Thistle Helps Teen Girls Understand Their Bodies

Pearl and Thistle is designed to empower girls and women of all ages (and the men who love and care for them) to understand their cycles.

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The Philosophy of Man

The Philosophy of Man is a new high school offering from Tan Books. All of our Faith’s truths apply to the human soul. But do…

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Tan Books Presents: The Commentaries

The Commentaries is a podcast series from TAN in which you’ll learn how to read and understand history’s greatest Catholic works, from today’s greatest Catholic scholars.

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Thinking About Unschooling?

In The Unschool Challenge, Elvis provides short essays on various topics related to unschooling and then she provides challenges for readers to do. This is a pick and choose sort of book. You don’t need to read it in order. You can select which topics interest you and learn more about them, pursue some of the challenges, and incorporate what you feel is valuable into your homeschooling life.

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Learn About God’s Superheroes

A new set of books on “God’s Superheroes” by Mary Bajda is designed to appeal to ages eight through teens and encourages young people to use their own gifts in service to God and others.

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