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Homeschooling During Major Transitions

If your family experiences a sudden shift in your circumstances in the midst of a homeschool year, your life together can suddenly become very challenging.

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Introduce Children to Cloistered Life

Invite your children into the cloister of a Dominican convent with Sister Clare Gets Ready for Prayer! Captivate the hearts of your children with this charming story as they help a contemplative cloistered nun prepare for prayer.

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New Text: The Story of Mary

The Story of Mary From the Dawn of Time to Today “All generations shall call me blessed” (Luke 1:48). Perhaps no prophecy has been so…

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New Chemistry and Physics Text from Tan Books

In Chemistry and Physics: Elements and Forces of the World, Adolfo Ayala explores a hidden world that lives right in our very midst.

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Advantages of Homeschooling vs. Brick-and-Mortar School

People often ask us why we educate our kids at home, and today’s guest, veteran homeschool mom and entrepreneur, Kerri Davison, will share some of the most important Advantages of Homeschooling vs. Brick-and-Mortar School.

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Fight Homeschool Burnout with the REFRESH! 2023 Online Conference

Come and enjoy the REFRESH! 2023 Online Conference on Thursday, February 9th

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A Garden for Mary

Dreaming of spring? Start planning a Mary garden with this lovely book!

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Advent Adventures and Resources

The spiritual journey of Advent is about to begin. What a precious time for our families to grow closer to each other, as we prepare our hearts to receive the child Jesus at Christmas!

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Introducing Foundations of Wisdom Logic Program

A short, succinct, concise primer on this elementary skill, TAN Books is pleased to present to those beginning their journey in philosophy with the skill that is the basis for all reasoning: logic. 

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The Value of Play-Based Learning

As homeschoolers, we get to cultivate our kids–these unique and unrepeatable souls–through an incredible variety of tools and techniques. Today’s guest is homeschool mom and entrepreneur, Chantal Baros, here to share some insights on Play-Based Learning!

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