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Angelicum Great Books Program (now available in Spanish)

The Great Books Program consists of four years (grades 9-12) of online classes meeting two hours per week to discuss weekly readings from the Great Books of Western Civilization.

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A Catholic Guide to Narnia

Is reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis part of your educational plan for this year? If so, you will want to pick up a guide to A Catholic Guide to Narnia: Questions and Activities for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

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The Big Brain Book
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Learn About the Brain

The Big Brain Book: How it Works and All Its Quirks by Leanne Boucher Gill, PhD is a fascinating look at the inner workings of the brain and what it means for your life.

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Baby with Musical Instruments
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Why Music is Important for Young Children

Scientific research has shown that early exposure to music is essential to a child’s development. #music #babies #preschool

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Elements of a Career Quest headline featuring images of Walter Crawford and Tammy Parker
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Help Your Teen Prepare for Life After High School

Walter Crawford chats with Tammy Parker, Catholic Teacher, Accountability Mentor, Financial Advisor, as they ask the great question, “Should teens know all the answers for life after highschool?”

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Dystopian Catholic YA Adventure

Chasing Liberty by Theresa Linden Review: This dystopian Catholic YA novel by Theresa Linden is the first book in her Liberty series for older teens….

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New Pro-Life Apologetics Class

Pro-Life Apologetics is a course for high school juniors and seniors in theology and philosophy.

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Popes, Emperors, and Elephants

Popes, Emperors, and Elephants is a fun, interesting read, sure to pique the interest of even those who don’t relish studying history.

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Pro-Life Novel for Older Teens

Close to the Soul, a debut novel by Mary Jo Thayer set in the 1950s and 60s portrays a young woman who, with God’s help,…

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A “Little House” Book for a New Generation

“Prairie Lotus” by Linda Sue Parks is a “Little House” book for a new generation

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