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Tan Courses Buy One Get One Free

The cultivation of wisdom and knowledge has been an integral part of the Church since its beginnings. The great saints and doctors of the Church have long propagated faith and reason as both playing a vital role in the Catholic Tradition. Delve into Scripture, moral theology, Church teachings, history, and more with this vast selection of faith-filled courses. 

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Incorporating Jane Austen in Your Homeschool

Jane Austen is a perennial favorite of homeschool students and their parents because of great stories, wit—and wisdom! Today’s lovely guest is author Haley Stewart, to share a wonderful resource she has created: Jane Austen’s Genius Guide to Life!

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Mary, Queen of the Home Academy

Live, online and interactive courses for homeschool families who have students in the upper grades of High School!

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Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints

This book is full of fascinating, but heart-breaking stories of teens who gave everything for their faith. Most of these teen saints will be unfamiliar, but their stories of steadfast courage are all incredible. These teens all lost their lives at a young age through disease or violence, but there is so much we can learn from these brave young souls.

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Mystery & Faith: The Ghosts of Westthorpe Academy

This contemporary faith-based novel combines an intriguing mystery with speculative elements for Catholic teens and is the first book in the Westthorpe Academy Mysteries.

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Christ the King Lord of History: The Continuing Story

Anne Carroll and Belinda Terro Mooney have recently put out a companion edition, Christ the King Lord of History, The Continuing Story, which covers the modern era.

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New Chemistry and Physics Text from Tan Books

In Chemistry and Physics: Elements and Forces of the World, Adolfo Ayala explores a hidden world that lives right in our very midst.

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New Teen Fiction: Charting the Course

Charting the Course is the newest teen adventure by Leslea Wahl. Hang on tight as the twists and turns of this high-seas adventure leave you…

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Franciscan University High School Advantage

High school students who are at least 16 years of age and either juniors or seniors may enroll in these college-level courses for the fall semester.

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Pearl and Thistle Helps Teen Girls Understand Their Bodies

Pearl and Thistle is designed to empower girls and women of all ages (and the men who love and care for them) to understand their cycles.

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