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St. Nicholas Magazine published by Homeschooling Teen

St. Nicholas Magazine is published by a homeschooler and features writing and art by other young people!

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Royal and Ancient by Amanda Lauer

Royal and Ancient by Amanda Lauer Review: Lauer has done a masterful job of intertwining romance, intrigue, history, and faith into her new epic story….

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Falling in Love with Literature

Books can spark our imaginations, take us on adventures, and teach us life lessons. Today, writer and veteran homeschooler Cheri Blomquist is here to talk about Falling in Love with Literature!

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New All About Spelling Review Book

If you’ve ever wished for more activities to help your child review the concepts taught in All About Reading or All About Spelling, this book is for you!

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Heartwarming Tale: Moon Over Manifest

This Newbery Medal winning novel is a delightful, engaging story. Set during the depression in a small Kansas town, this redemptive tale features a unique cast of characters, witty dialogue, and a young feisty heroine.

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Epic Adventure for Kids

This book for older elementary students is filled with quirky characters and brims with beautiful messages about the importance of family, love, and prayer.

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Free Reading and Spelling Resources

All About Learning Press (the makers of All About Spelling and All About Reading) has a wonderful collection of free resources on their site.

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Touching Tale for Teens

Brave Water is a moving tale about a single day in the life of a teenage girl from a remote African village. This book highlights many difficult topics that, sadly, are daily struggles for many people around the world. This unique story is told through multiple viewpoints, as well as numerous flashbacks, but mainly unfolds from Talitha’s point of view. During her long daily trek to the only freshwater source for her village, Talitha experiences a day that completely alters her life.

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Learn the Stories Behind Your Favorite Children’s Books

The Stories Behind the Stories: The Remarkable True Tales Behind Your Favorite Children’s Books by Danielle Higley offers a fascinating look at the authors and circumstances that combined to create some of the most beloved works of children’s literature.

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A Catholic Guide to Narnia

Is reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis part of your educational plan for this year? If so, you will want to pick up a guide to A Catholic Guide to Narnia: Questions and Activities for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

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