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Parent’s Guide to Children’s Literature

Cheri Blomquist provides parents, especially those who homeschool, a great service with her new guide to children’s literature.

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Pro-Life Novel for Older Teens

Close to the Soul, a debut novel by Mary Jo Thayer set in the 1950s and 60s portrays a young woman who, with God’s help,…

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Learning from Literature Starts with Scripture

A desire to ignite our kids with great ideas and an appreciation for their dignity as children of God often leads us to good books that jumpstart great conversations! But where to begin? Today, our guest is the delightful Kevin O’Brien, here to explain why Learning from Literature Starts with Scripture.

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A “Little House” Book for a New Generation

“Prairie Lotus” by Linda Sue Parks is a “Little House” book for a new generation

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Learn About Word Origins

Once Upon a Word – A Word-Origin Dictionary for Kids is great for kids (and adults) who are interested in where words come from.

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Raising Sir Gallant
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Teach Important Values with Knight’s Tale

Learn important life lessons while reading this charming tale about a knight in training.

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Christmas Adventure

From Afar by Roger Thomas is a fascinating fictional look at the Three Wise Men.

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Inspiring Our Children to Love Literature

Listen to the latest Homeschooling Saints Podcast on Inspiring Our Children to Love Literature featuring Joseph Pearce.  

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Faith through Fiction – Temptation

Our friends from Catholic Teen Fiction are back with this video exploring the topic of temptation in Catholic fiction.

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The Locket's Secret
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A Sweet Yet Powerful Story of Confronting Loss

The Locket’s Secret by K. Kelley Heyne The Locket’s Secret is a sweet yet powerful story about dealing with tragedy. This wonderful book for middle…

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