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New Chemistry and Physics Text from Tan Books

In Chemistry and Physics: Elements and Forces of the World, Adolfo Ayala explores a hidden world that lives right in our very midst.

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Pearl and Thistle Helps Teen Girls Understand Their Bodies

Pearl and Thistle is designed to empower girls and women of all ages (and the men who love and care for them) to understand their cycles.

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Tan Foundations of Science Curriculum

A review of “Oceans: Mysteries of the Deep” in the Foundations of Science series by Tan Books.

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The Big Brain Book
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Learn About the Brain

The Big Brain Book: How it Works and All Its Quirks by Leanne Boucher Gill, PhD is a fascinating look at the inner workings of the brain and what it means for your life.

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Brilliant! 25 Catholic Scientists, Mathematicians, and Supersmart People

A new beautifully illustrated book seeks to show children ages 7 – 11 that being Catholic and involved in STEM go hand in hand.

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New Science Journal by/for Homeschoolers

A new science journal written by/for homeschoolers #homeschooling #science

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How Science Points to the Reality of God

The secular world tries to claim it and hold it up as proof that religion is false. And yet, Catholics believe that honest inquiry always leads us to God.

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Fun Science: Create a Borax Snow Crystal

Looking for an easy, fun science experiment? You can create a crystal snowflake using a pipe cleaner, string, a glass jar, water and Borax. You…

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Quality Science Labs

Are you looking for lab materials for middle or high school science? Quality Science Labs offers lab materials for a full year’s worth of experiments/investigations….

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Integrated Physics and Chemistry for those with a Non-Science Future

IPC consists of twelve chapters of text and twelve companion student activities. This course introduces students to the people, places and principles of physics and…

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