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Learn How to Make History Come Alive

If you struggle with teaching history or are simply looking for some new techniques to help make your children’s experience of history a better one, The Catholic Educator’s Guide to Teaching History is worth reading.

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Dystopian Catholic YA Adventure

Chasing Liberty by Theresa Linden Review: This dystopian Catholic YA novel by Theresa Linden is the first book in her Liberty series for older teens….

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Root Your Homeschool in Prayer

Don’t try to homeschool without God! Root your homeschool in prayer.

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Little Drops of Water ®: Saint Products for Children

Little Drops of Water®makes charming saint images for children. #Saints #Homeschooling #Catholic

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Make the World Your Classroom

One of the most wonderful things about homeschooling is the ability to make the world your classroom. HSLDA has just released this new video to inspire both new and veteran homeschoolers.

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How to Teach Children the Way They Learn Best

Join Paola Ciskanic of the Catholic Homeschool Conference as she sits down with Cathy Duffy to discuss how, by identifying our children’ s learning styles, we can teach our children more effectively and efficiently.

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Homeschooling and Religious Life

Catholic homeschooling is a way to educate children in the virtues and foster genuine Catholic culture at home.

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How to Help Your Dyslexic Child

Your dyslexic child can thrive in your homeschool, but you may need some extra information and support. These resources can help you and your child be more successful!

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Quick Art and Craft Ideas to Help Teach the Faith

Sr. Mary Kathleen Glavitch, SND has pulled together an assortment of craft ideas that can be used to help teach our Catholic faith but can easily be adapted for other subjects as well.

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Money Advice from a Debt-Free Homeschool Family of 16

Learn how to do more with your money from a debt-free homeschooling family of 16! #homeschooling #moneymanagement #largefamilies

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