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HSLDA Community Webinars

Whether you are a member of HSLDA or not, you can take advantage of their collection of their recorded webinars .

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Little Drops of Water ®: Saint Products for Children

Little Drops of Water®makes charming saint images for children. #Saints #Homeschooling #Catholic

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How to Teach Children the Way They Learn Best

Join Paola Ciskanic of the Catholic Homeschool Conference as she sits down with Cathy Duffy to discuss how, by identifying our children’ s learning styles, we can teach our children more effectively and efficiently.

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How to Help Your Dyslexic Child

Your dyslexic child can thrive in your homeschool, but you may need some extra information and support. These resources can help you and your child be more successful!

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Quick Art and Craft Ideas to Help Teach the Faith

Sr. Mary Kathleen Glavitch, SND has pulled together an assortment of craft ideas that can be used to help teach our Catholic faith but can easily be adapted for other subjects as well.

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Every Catholic’s Guide to College 2022

The 2022 Edition of Every Catholic’s Guide to College is now available.

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Resources for Catholic Unschooling

Unschooling is a homeschool philosophy largely based on child-led learning. It embraces the idea that children learn best when they want to learn something. It…

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Stories of the Saints with Faith and Puppets

Children have wonderful imaginations. When they hear the saint stories in an exciting and relatable way, they remember them. #saints #children

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Resources for Teaching Poetry

April is National Poetry Month which makes it a great time of year to add some poetry lessons into your homeschool. #poetry #homeschooling

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Calculus for Middle Schoolers

Calculus for Middle Schoolers takes complex concepts and presents them in an understandable and non-scary format.

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