Children of the Church’s Homeschool Day with a 6 yr, 4yr, 2yr and 4 month old

I have written about our “typical” homeschool schedule before but never a “day in the life” post before. I decided it would be fun to document a whole day and share it with Simple Homeschool’s Day in the Life link up! The interesting thing with homeschooling is although our children do really good with structure, no two days look exactly alike! Here is what our Friday looked like this week!

4am: Baby is up to eat. He is going through a growth spurt and loves to cluster feed early in the morning now! Yikes!

4:55am: The 2 year old is awake! Little Einstein’s is on television, which is a life saver when it is that early and the day is already starting!

5:15am:  Coffee is made and I take some time for my morning prayer and reading time.
6:30am:  The 4 and 6 year olds wake up.  Some kind of play air force bombing begins in the living room (the life of 4 boys!)
7am:  Morning Offering Prayer together, Breakfast, Morning Chores, Showers, Starting Laundry and Calendar Time all occurs.
8am:  Out to door to morning Mass
8:30am:  Daily Mass followed by our own little version of Stations of the Cross.
10am:  Leisure reading time.  Our 6 year old has been loving the Magic Tree House Series lately.  I was reading Mouse Paint with our 4 and 2 year old.  The baby was having fun in his jumperoo!
11:30am:  Making lunch and sending my husband off to work (he works rotating shifts at the ER and is working noon-9pm today).
12:15pm:  Nap time stories and kisses for 2 year old and 4 month old.  4 year old goes to his room for quiet time looking at books (some days he takes a nap).
12:30pm:  Clean up lunch dishes, switch out laundry, set up school books for our 6 year old.
1pm:  Formal school time starts with the 6 year old.  Math, English, Handwriting, Spelling Test, Religion and Reading Time today.
1:45pm:  Call from a best friend that she is going to deliver her twins today!  Usually I ignore my phone during school time, but this was a special reason to respond!  Took time to say a prayer for their family.
2:20pm:  The baby is awake and the 4 year comes down and wants to do History/Geography with us.  We are starting to learn about Africa with our Explore the Continents Curriculum.
3pm: We made it to 3pm!  Time for the second run of the day; I say a prayer for some needed grace! 

3:15pm:  The mail comes!  The My Book House series arrives that I have been eying for a few years and finally had found a good deal on!  I am super excited and start reading a bit with the kids.

4:00pm:  It is 60 degrees and the sun is shining so I send the kids outside to play while I tidy up and make dinner.
5pm:  My husband is working and it is a Friday in Lent with the kids, so an easy frozen cheese pizza with fruit works for dinner tonight!
5:40pm:  Dinner is done and I send the kids back outside to bike and play while I clean up the dishes and tidy the house. (I’m also noticing that my kids all seem to be in different clothes, which might explain my massive amounts of laundry!  Does anyone else have kids who go through multiple outfits per day?)
6pm:  The baby and I go outside on the porch swing to watch the big boys!  I love watching our 4 year old who just learned to ride his bike without training wheels confidently ride up and down the sidewalk!
6:20pm:  It’s getting cold!  The kids put their bikes away and come inside to play for a little while.
7pm:  Bath time, stories, prayers and all 4 kids are off to bed!
7:30pm:  Kids are in bed and I reflect on the day as I write this post.
7:45pm:  Time to do a few nightly chores, relax and wait for my husband to come home from work!  Then time to do it all again tomorrow!  Goodnight!

Author: Nicole Ernest

Nicole Ernest is loving living out her vocations as a Catholic wife and mother. Nicole resides in Nebraska with her husband and their lovable, energy filled boys. Nicole shares about living the liturgical year, homeschooling and marriage/ family life at her blog Children of the Church