Christmas Adventure for Teens

A Very Jurassic Christmas by Corinna Turner

Looking for a different kind of Christmas story? A book that reflects Catholic values yet is full of adventure and dinosaurs? Yep. Dinosaurs. Corinna Turner’s wholly unique unSPARKed series continues with this newest Christmas installment. In case you are unfamiliar, this collection of short stories is set in a dystopian world where dinosaurs once again roam the earth.

These mini installments are filled with adventure and elements of Catholic faith. The first part of this Christmas tale was first published last Christmas in the Gifts: Visible & Invisible anthology brought to you by This longer edition continues the parallel stories of dino-hunter Joshua and farmgirl Darryl. Joshua’s Christmas plans have been altered when he and his uncle take on the dangerous rescue of a large dino mama and her chicks. Darryl learns a lesson of patience and humility when her Christmas plans also go awry. But when you live in a dino-world, you must always expect the unexpected.



Young hunter Joshua is looking forward to a Christmas of ice-skating and fun—until the plight of a starving mamma allosaur and her chicks upends his plans. Now he and his uncle must embark on a dangerous journey south, carrying deadly passengers.

Out in the wilderness, there’s no one to help them, they’re running out of tranquilizers—and a killer storm is gathering.

Meanwhile, Darryl and Harry risk their lives for a holiday guest in the perilous, raptor-infested mountains. Will they survive long enough to enjoy their carol service, let alone the rest of the holiday season?

This unSPARKed prequel is a heart-warming, festive thrill ride from the Carnegie Medal Nominated author of the I AM MARGARET series.

Author: Leslea Wahl

Leslea Wahl is an award-winning author of Catholic teen adventurous mysteries. She lives in beautiful Colorado with her family. Leslea believes one way to encourage teens in their faith is through positive messages and Catholic values, embedded in great stories. She is excited to share her reviews of some incredible Catholic books, all of which have received the Catholic Writer's Guild Seal of Approval. Find her online at