Classical Liberal Arts Academy offering 50% Off Discount

Interested in teaching your children the Catholic classical liberal arts? Classical Liberal Arts Academy is offering a special 50% discount on all enrollments with the use of the coupon code CLAA2019


From their website:

At the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, our goals are very clear. We collaborate with pastors and parents to educate children to know, love and serve God. Our concerns are wisdom and holiness, faith and charity, work and prayer. We don’t talk college admission. We don’t talk standardized testing.  After all, there are plenty of schools designed to get kids into college or through a job interview, but few are concerned that students learn what St. Paul said was the aim of the Church’s teaching:

“love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and  a sincere faith”

While the classical liberal arts curriculum may be different, it is not difficult to understand. It is timeless and trustworthy as nearly all of the learned saints studied in this blessed system.


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