CMEC Registration Opening February 9th

The Charlotte Mason Educational Collaborative is great for families searching for a traditional Charlotte Mason education. While not officially Catholic, many of those who run it are Catholic and it is very compatible with Catholic education.

From the CMEC:

We are excited to announce that CMEC registration for the 2024-25 School Year will be opening February 9th!

To learn about our organization and what we offer homeschooling families, head over to our website. The website features a snapshot of our overall program — our curriculum, our accompanying resources, and our community support. You can meet our team and read more about our course of study for all ages.

For further details, download our newly-refreshed Information Packet. When you request the packet, you’ll receive a link to access brand new video tours of our website and sample term programs. We also provide a thorough description of the principles that define our program, answers to frequently asked questions, and member testimonials.

The CMEC offers a great value to homeschooling families: a rich and broad curriculum, teacher guides, unique community support, ongoing training, and so much more. The $300 annual membership gives you access to CMEC materials for your work this spring and as you plan for the year ahead.

As Angie in AZ wrote to us this year:

No longer do I have to scour numerous websites and booklists to find the best of the best. Year after year the CMEC has curated beautiful resources in one concise list, taking time to review materials related to our history time period, finding the perfect fit for each grade level. And if that’s not enough, the alternate titles and supplement list gives even more suggestions!

We are busy working on our curriculum for next year, which includes fresh programs, guides for each Form, and focused support for subjects like Shakespeare, Plutarch, geography, science, handicrafts, and artist study! And here are just a few additional benefits of a CMEC membership…

  • Our annual Parents’ Night for members is hosted each year in January. This year we were excited to host guest speaker Dr. Bill McClay, distinguished scholar and author of high school history text Land of Hope. He gave a fascinating talk on the benefits of a narrative approach to history and the study of citizenship in today’s world. 
  • We will kick off another round of our popular Mothers’ Education Course this fall, with a focus on Mason’s concept of personhood and its many practical implications.
  • Our bulletin board of local communities has dozens of listings from around the world, and our discussion board, La Pianta, hosts online conversations on topics from timetables to meal planning to getting outdoors in the winter.
  • We have many resources for those leading or teaching in cooperatives, TBG groups, nature clubs, and other local communities.

As mentioned above, registration for the CMEC for the 2024-25 School Year will open Friday, February 9th. We will be sending out an announcement to our contact list at that time with more details. For now, please visit our website to find out more and download your copy of the Information Packet.

If you have additional questions after reviewing our materials, please don’t hesitate to reach out — just hit reply or contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Author: Editor