Free Classical Learning Test 10 on September 18th

The Classic Learning Test (CLT) is a collegiate entrance exam standing independent of the Common Core, accepted by 120 colleges, and tied to over 10 million dollars in scholarshipsThe CLT is taken online in 2 hours and students receive same-day test results. 

Classic Learning Test offers 3 examinations:

The CLT Proper is the collegiate entry examination (Grades 11-12)

The CLT10 is the PSAT version of the CLT. (Grades 9-10)

The CLT8 is an examination for incoming freshman. (Grades 8-9)

CLT offers homeschoolers an opportunity to take a FREE CLT10 on Tuesday, September 18th!

The CLT10 (PSAT version of the CLT) is free on September 18th. Although, only 10th graders are eligible for scholarships on the CLT10, students from 8th-12th grade often take this free exam for practice. Students can register on the 18th to take the exam, which is offered from 12am EST – 10:30 pm EST, on Tuesday, September 18th.

CLT: Modern Testing, Homeschool Advocacy, and Independence from the Common Core. Register Today!

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