Handwriting Tree

Handwriting Tree® is a Fun, New and Unique Way to Teach Handwriting!

Each Handwriting Tree kit is packed with an integrated set of learning activities spanning from three-dimensional tasks to workbook and extensive writing practice templates. This approach, unique to the Handwriting Tree, engages students and delivers an effective multi-sensory approach to learning.

The Handwriting Tree’s novel “reverse color chalkboard” benefits the ASD population by incorporating a seamless transition from learning on a chalkboard, which promotes effective motor feedback, to writing on paper. Individual letter practice pads are provided in the shape of the chalkboard, which further encourages an easy transition to paper. The size of the writing templates is gradually decreased until the student can achieve excellent results using regular lined kindergarten paper.

To find out more, please visit: https://www.handwritingtree.com

Author: Editor