Help Your Children Learn to Be Saints

Sometimes sanctity seems out of reach to both adults and children. How could we ever be like those holy people we see in statues or holy cards and read about in books? In I’m a Saint in the Making, Lisa Hendey offers a gentle introduction to what it means to be a saint and how children can live a life of sanctity in their daily lives.

Hendey begins by explaining what it is that makes a person a saint. Saints are heroes whose superpowers include “courage, peacemaking, hope, faith, and love.” Each saint is unique, but they all set good examples for others and made prayer a priority in their lives.

Hendey then introduces readers to some official Church saints, taking care to represent various cultures and ethnicities. The last half of the book focuses on what children can do to become a saint. “In small ways, every day, we have the chance to share God’s love with everyone we meet.” Hendey emphasizes the importance of prayer, caring for our own bodies, caring for the environment, and practicing the corporal works of mercy. She also reminds children that when they make a mistake and are “mean, impatient, or unkind” they should ask God for forgiveness,

I’m a Saint in the Making is a lovely book to share with the children in your family or with a religious education class. The illustrations by Katie Broussard are colorful and charming. This book can help remind all of us that we are called to be saints and can choose to follow the road to sanctity in the choices we make every day.

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Author: Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, editor of "Today's Catholic Homeschooling", is the mother of two biological sons and one adopted daughter. She is in her fifteenth year of homeschooling. She has a B.A. in History and Fine Art and a Master's Degree in Applied Theology. She is the author of "The Crash Course Guide to Catholic Homeschooling" and "The Fruits of the Mysteries of the Rosary". She blogs at