Homeschool Mom Fitness: Discovering a Healthy You in the Chaos.

Young mother and daughter exercise together indoorsby Heather Bowen

A few months ago, I was part of a discussion in my Facebook group with about 100 other homeschooling moms. It was a lengthy discussion, filled with almost a sense of despair.

The topic of the discussion?


Everyone in the conversation verbalized just how important fitness was, but 90% of us simply couldn’t make regular fitness fit into our already too full lives.

So, we started discussing what a perfect fitness plan for busy homeschooling moms would look like…

It could be done at home.

It would not require the use of any equipment.

It would be a total body workout that could be done in a matter of minutes.

It would provide support, encouragement, and accountability from like-minded participants.

It would fit into our day.

It would work for any fitness level: beginner or advanced.

It would be designed by a fitness professional.

It would address and common issues like Diastasis Recti.

It would provide modification for common joint issues.

It would be possible to include our children if desired.

It wouldn’t require a monthly payment.

It would be affordable.

It would be more of a lifestyle than a “workout”.

It wouldn’t be associated with a MLM company {such as Beachbody}.

Well, friends…you asked, and we listened.

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