Homeschool Moms Share their Best Advice

If you are discerning homeschooling, this post is for you! On Facebook, there is a crazy big homeschooling momma group that gets some of the best conversations going. One day, Bonnie Landry asked moms to share the best advice they had ever received about homeschooling. The following is a collection of those responses:

  1. Our number one job as parents is to help our kids get to Heaven….to me it puts all our homeschooling efforts into proper perspective.
  2. Strive for mastery learning. Stay on something and keep teaching until he/she gets it; otherwise, why not just send him to public school if we can’t teach to the mastery level as homeschoolers? My husband said this, and I’ve been less interested in hitting deadlines and more interested in my son getting the information completely.
  3. Take each year at a time…that helped me make the original decision to homeschool. Also, that your child’s religious formation is the most important and they wouldn’t get what you are giving in school.
  4. Never make a big decision in February. It tends to be among the worst burnout months when we are trapped inside because of the cold and illness and lack of sunshine makes everything seem so much darker.
  5. ‘No one is watching.’ Meaning, no one is keeping tabs on every little thing you do throughout your homeschooling days. Feel free to do as your heart and soul leads you with your precious family!

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