Homeschooling for Parents: Getting it Right – and Realistic

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Guest post by Chloe Kirby

There is a good reason teachers are professionally trained. Teaching children requires skills that are not simply learned. Because of this and balancing already busy lives, homeschooling children can be difficult for parents. 

Establishing a schedule, planning homeschool lunch ideas, and how to fill your homeschooling days are key to creating a productive and fun environment. This article looks at a few tips for getting homeschooling right and being realistic about it. 

Setting a schedule

Building your daily agenda is crucial to establishing a routine and creating some order for the day. A good schedule is not intended to be followed to the second. Other things may take over, and a sibling may need attention, or a subject may prove more tricky and time-consuming. It may even be that your Zoom call overruns, and you need to take more time out yourself. But a good structure provides a framework for the day. 

Take breaks and enjoy lunch

It even helps plan your homeschool meals to ensure your little learners are getting the right brain food for the day. 

Homeschool kids’ meals can even be made to be like school. Encourage your children to choose from the menu, and make homeschool lunch like the real experience at school!

Build activities around your other commitments

Being realistic about the day is an important way not to get frustrated. As a working parent, you are never going to be able to focus 100% on homeschooling. Even with the best will in the world, you will have work, household chores, or siblings to take care of, too – perhaps all of the above!

Getting your little learners enabled for short periods of independence is key to this. Pre-prepare a range of online resources to switch on during the day if you need to. Similarly, online storytimes or audiobooks can provide a quick respite if you need to get some work or tasks done.

To get your kids active, you can also get them “helping” you around the house. Have them shadow you while you do the dusting or clean the kitchen with their own sponge or duster!

The arts and crafts box is also a great way of buying yourself 20 minutes to get a call done or some life admin organized. 

In summary

While homeschooling days can seem daunting, anything is possible if you approach them with the right mindset and structure. You can even build in some virtual physical activity with online yoga or dance sessions.

Most of all, try to relax and embrace it – and accept it will be a bit ad-hoc, even with the best-laid plans!

Chloe Kirby is a writer and digital marketing professional. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and her Master’s Degree at Goldsmiths University in London, England. Chloe has professional experience in e-commerce, digital marketing, and copywriting. For the last year she has been working in New York City.

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