Introduce Children to Cloistered Life

Sister Clare Gets Ready for Prayer
Invite your children into the cloister of a Dominican convent with Sister Clare Gets Ready for Prayer! Captivate the hearts of your children with this charming story as they help a contemplative cloistered nun prepare for prayer. Sister Clare Gets Ready for Prayer will engage children through interactive questions and endearing illustrations. Children will have the opportunity to respond to questions from Sister Clare as they accompany this vibrant nun throughout her daily routine! Perfect for young readers or as a read-aloud, this book is an exciting way to introduce your children to the joy of the vocation to religious life. Attain your copy today and unveil the beauty and excitement of the cloistered life to your children today!
Author Katie Warner is a Catholic homeschooling mom who loves to make and share creative resources to raise faith-filled families. Katie is the author and editor of the series, Catholic picture books, Head & Heart: Becoming Spiritual Leaders for Your Family, and a popular prayer journal series including A Parent Who Prays. She holds a graduate degree in Catholic Theology from the Augustine Institute, where she met Meg and fell in love with Meg’s art. In her spare time, Katie writes for the National Catholic Register, manages, and helps others home to the Church through Catholics Come Home. Katie lives in Georgia with her husband and fellow book-loving children. 

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