Introducing Foundations of Wisdom Logic Program

Introducing Foundations of Wisdom: Logic – new Logic Curriculum from Tan Books
Logic is the art of thinking well. Are you trained in it?  In a world where questionable decisions and ill-founded thinking prevail, logic is needed now more than ever before. A short, succinct, concise primer on this elementary skill, TAN Books is pleased to present to those beginning their journey in philosophy with the skill that is the basis for all reasoning: logic.  Written by the author himself, the Logic Study Guide was designed as a companion guide for the reader of the text by offering prompts and questions that help hone in the key takeaways from each chapter and solidify the student’s understanding of the text.

A Necessary Tool to Pursue Truth in the Modern Era

The basics on this art that produce clarity, sanity, and defense against irrational arguments, Logic guides students through the principles needed in clear-thinking to encounter and work through difficulties in an increasingly complex world. Having the tool of logic is the way to prime the intellect in pursuit of truth and enable the soul to live as one who is truly free. Throughout the course of this study the student will: Gain a love for wisdom and truth  Strengthen core beliefs in the Faith  Understand the important complementarity of faith and reason used in light of each other  Learn to develop a cohesive, articulate, and concise argument You don’t want to miss out on this philosophical study of the pursuit of truth!

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