New Catholic Middle Grade Fiction – One Shall Lead

One Shall Lead

One Shall LeadIn One Shall Lead (Within Hearts and Minds) by Catholic Writer’s Guild member Maria Rosati, Christian (the oldest of four children) enters middle school with questions about politics, faith, nationalism, and family. All seem to be pelting him for answers.

With the country split on the issues and on the brink of war, Christian’s younger brother Caleb finds an old scroll in the backyard with a riddle telling them to enter the rock. They find within the rock new companions for the journey including a bright and tenacious girl with a strong will to succeed. These children band together to make sense of it all as they set off on an adventure where they are thrust into a parallel universe that leads them on a journey of the body, mind, and spirit, where they are brought face to face with evil.

How can Catholic children face a broken down world? The scripturally based riddles dive into the feelings and concerns of five children, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Each finds the answers to interior peace and hope as they gain the wisdom to persevere in a society that is abandoning God’s laws.

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