News from Oxrose Academy

Every name tells a story and the tale of Oxrose is a good one.  Welcome to all of you who know us through Schola Rosa, Rolling Acres School, and Classically Catholic Memory!  We are pleased to announce that all of these entities now have a home at OxroseOxrose Press is the publishing arm, offering the Schola Rosa Curriculum, Traditio Nostra Self-paced Courses, and the newly acquired Classically Catholic Memory, as well as, books, CDs, and more. Oxrose Academy is the new name for our online school, which continues to expand and improve by leaps and bounds.
About twice a year, you may look for news on all our activities in this unified news letter and catalogue (we know your time is precious).  Thank you for your patronage.
Preschool to 6th Grade: All-in-One Curriculum Using a cyclical structure and a family focused approach, Schola Rosa Curriculum both allows the whole family to work together and challenges each student with level appropriate material.   The curriculum is richly Catholic in its outlook, classical and Charlotte-Mason in its pedagogy.
In January 2021 R.A.S. acquired Classically Catholic Memory and products. Oxrose Press is proud to continue offering these high-quality products to families. Please bookmark the new website for future purchases and share the good news.
Special thanks to David and Donna Freidenfeld for creating the CCM program!
Now find all of your favorite R.A.S. self-paced courses under “Traditio Nostra” with access sold and processed by Oxrose Press. Grade bundles are available for $150/year per student or individual courses for only $15-$25 per year per course.


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