Refresh 2020 Midwinter Conference

From Homeschool Connections:

During the dark days of winter, you may be feeling a little flat and unmotivated. We all feel that way at this time of year when homeschooling can start to feel like drudgery. So, here at Homeschool Connections, we have given you a day to REFRESH your spirits. 

Very much like last year, this is a one day, one-on-one interview format with host Lisa Mladinich, featuring guests who provided motivation, encouragement and inspiration.

Our lineup this year includes internationally known speakers, authors, bloggers, and podcasters, who share their knowledge, passions, and wisdom with you, our Homeschool Connections family.

What is the Refresh! Virtual Conference?

REFRESH! is an Annual Virtual Conference for you to get inspired – with 100% free content – provided online by Homeschool Connections to grow your ideas and grow your family’s strength.

Every year, the online conference helps you rejuvenate your spirit, encourage your heart, and feel inspired & recharged in your homeschooling with our series of FREE webinars for homeschooling parents.

  • Attend live webinar sessions with video from your computer
  • Listen to nationally-known speakers who bring you the most-needed topics
  • Attend any or all of the sessions you like — each is designed to provide the inspiration and ideas exactly when you need them
  • Watch them again from the links we send after the live event

Find out more and register at:

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