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Book Review – Centurion’s Daughter

Centurion’s Daughter is a thoughtful and compelling journey to a little-known period of history when an empire fell and the foundations of Christendom were laid.

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Learn About Remarkable Women Who Loved Math and Space

Learn about two great books to inspire girls who love math and science.

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Royal and Ancient by Amanda Lauer

Royal and Ancient by Amanda Lauer Review: Lauer has done a masterful job of intertwining romance, intrigue, history, and faith into her new epic story….

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Teach Children to Be Who God Wants Them to Be

The Glory of God by Maria J. Bain is a lovely picture book designed to introduce children to living how God wants them to live.

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115 Saintly Fun Facts
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Saintly Fun for the Whole Family

This little book is a fabulous tool for learning about some incredible saints—some I knew, many I hadn’t heard of before. The sections are short, just a few paragraphs, and, as the title states, full of fun facts.

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Learn About Our Lady of Champion (Our Lady of Good Help)

Two wonderful resources to help your children (and you!) learn about this apparition are the new Glory Story from Holy Heroes and Theoni Bell’s novel, The Woman in the Trees.

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Mystery & Faith: The Ghosts of Westthorpe Academy

This contemporary faith-based novel combines an intriguing mystery with speculative elements for Catholic teens and is the first book in the Westthorpe Academy Mysteries.

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Epic Adventure for Kids

This book for older elementary students is filled with quirky characters and brims with beautiful messages about the importance of family, love, and prayer.

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Avery's Battlefield
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Middle-Grade Civil War Adventure

Avery’s Battlefield is a sweet historical novel for middle school students. The story follows two years in the life of Avery, a young teen boy, during the Civil War. This book would be a great way to introduce kids to that tumultuous time in American history.

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Thinking About Unschooling?

In The Unschool Challenge, Elvis provides short essays on various topics related to unschooling and then she provides challenges for readers to do. This is a pick and choose sort of book. You don’t need to read it in order. You can select which topics interest you and learn more about them, pursue some of the challenges, and incorporate what you feel is valuable into your homeschooling life.

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