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Little Spark of Life – A Pro-Life Picture Book

Little Spark of Life by Courtney Siebring, published by Paraclete Press, is a pro-life picture book that features a mom and dad explaining about the developing baby in the mommy’s tummy to an older brother.

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Seven Ways to Say Yes to God at Home

We have countless opportunities throughout our days to follow Mary’s example and say yes to God. Whether that yes answers something as minor as holding our tongues when we could say something unkind, whether it’s something major like adopting a child, or whether it’s anything in between, God cherishes every yes we give Him, as they are all signs of our love.

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How to Add Pro-Life Lessons
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How Can You Add Pro-Life Education to Your Child’s Day?

Are you a parent wishing to instill pro-life values in your child? If so, take a look at American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program.

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CLSP’s Pro-Life Essay Contest Is Back!

October is Respect Life Month—a month to reflect upon God’s call to care for all people. As has been tradition for the Culture of Life…

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Lesson Teaches Children the Importance of Protecting Babies

If abortion and the sanctity of life are conversations you have only touched upon, now is the perfect time to expand that discussion.

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Pro-Life Apologetics for Teens

Pro-Life Apologetics is dedicated to providing young adults with the necessary knowledge, tactics, and confidence to best share the beauty of the pro-life movement with those whom they encounter.

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“Philo and Sophie” Teaches Pro-life Message

Philo and Sophie: Philosophy for Children is a dynamic new video series that gives parents and teachers a powerful tool to form young people in authentic love and respect for the preborn, elderly, disabled, and terminally ill.

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New Pro-Life Apologetics Class

Pro-Life Apologetics is a course for high school juniors and seniors in theology and philosophy.

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Life is Precious – Respect for Life Month

October is officially Respect for Life Month, and although this is a very important topic, sometimes it is hard to figure out how to discuss it…

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