Cover image of Lucia of Fatima by Kathryn Swegart
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Learn about Lucia of Fatima

Lucia of Fatima is a wonderful way to introduce your children to the visions at Fatima.

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Dystopian Catholic YA Adventure

Chasing Liberty by Theresa Linden Review: This dystopian Catholic YA novel by Theresa Linden is the first book in her Liberty series for older teens….

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How to Help Your Dyslexic Child

Your dyslexic child can thrive in your homeschool, but you may need some extra information and support. These resources can help you and your child be more successful!

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Fun Adventure

Be: The Journey of Rol is a story of adventure and hope. It is a tale of friendship, humility and thankfulness, overcoming challenges, the consequences of decisions you make, and the importance of laughing a little as you go through life.

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Parent’s Guide to Children’s Literature

Cheri Blomquist provides parents, especially those who homeschool, a great service with her new guide to children’s literature.

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The Light of Tara – A Novel about St. Patrick

The Light of Tara is a work of historical fiction about St. Patrick #teens #YA #CatholicFiction

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Answering God’s Call

Teen Eve Donahue’s lonely existence changes in an instant when visions of a mysterious stranger haunt her. Certain God is calling her for a mission, she bravely says yes and begins her quest to meet this young man.

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The Gift of Reading Aloud

Reading aloud can create a time set aside in your day when your relationship is nourished. #reading #parenting #homeschooling

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The Value of Read-Alouds

Ever wonder which educational activity will bring you and your family the most enduring and impactful results? Reading aloud to our children can bless them beyond measure, now and throughout their lives.

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New Picture Book Bio of Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary is best known as the author of over forty children’s books such as Ramona the Pest and The Mouse and the Motorcycle ,…

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