The Gift and Grace of Homeschooling

In The Gift and Grace of Homeschooling: A Gift to Homeschooling Mothers, Michelle Heekin shares what she has learned through her twenty-five years of marriage and parenting/homeschooling four children. In a series of twenty letters, she provides information and encouragement to other homeschooling mothers.

Heekin writes from a Classical Educational Approach, but Catholic homeschoolers who embrace various educational philosophies will find much of value in these letters. She balances both spiritual inspiration and practical information.

She encourages mothers to root themselves in prayer and scripture, both to nurture themselves and to provide and solid foundation for their children. “God is taking you by the hand and inviting you to experience more of Him, so that this spiritual richness may be imparted to your children.” It’s also essential to keep our eyes on God in order to focus on what is important. “When I focus on my child(ren), and God’s plan for them, I can more easily prioritize.”

In terms of practical advice, Heekin offers suggestions on nurturing your marriage, building a family culture, finding a homeschool community, and discerning what your curriculum and activities should be.

While much of this book extols the positives of homeschooling, Heekin does acknowledge that there are difficult days on this journey. On those days, she emphasizes the importance of prayer to see you through. She urges us to follow the biblical injunction to “Be Not Afraid!”

The Gift and Grace of Homeschooling is a gift to homeschoolers, especially those who are just beginning this journey.

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Author: Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, editor of "Today's Catholic Homeschooling", is the mother of two biological sons and one adopted daughter. She is in her fifteenth year of homeschooling. She has a B.A. in History and Fine Art and a Master's Degree in Applied Theology. She is the author of "The Crash Course Guide to Catholic Homeschooling" and "The Fruits of the Mysteries of the Rosary". She blogs at