What About Socialization?

Episode 66 of Homeschooling Saints: “But What About Socialization?!”

If you’re new to homeschooling, you’re probably getting asked a question that veteran homeschoolers find very familiar. Today, Maureen Wittmann is here with very smart and very reassuring responses to the question, “But what about socialization?!”

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Read Maureen’s article on Socialization:


Australian article on socialization studies:


National Home Education Research Institute offers a great deal of research studies on homeschooling, including socialization


Recommended book, “Hard Times in Paradise,” by David Colfax

[NOTE: Read reviews before purchasing]


Today’s Short Feature: Celeste Behe, The Homeschool Housefly

Topic: Placemat Pedagogy

Contact: http://celestebehe.com

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